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This page is set up to help with the editing of this wiki

I am still learning how the system works and may find better ways to do things but for the time being, I will leave these here for anyone in my shoes who wants to help. -Shadree

Naming conventions: To keep a consistent format, here's how to name files/pages to match the wiki.

  • For platform toy/series photos: SeriesName Author.filetype (or SeriesName Title.filetype if one author has multiple entries) eg Dumpy Olla Boku.jpg
  • For toys that share a name with their creator: add the suffix " (toy)" to the page title.
  • To list a custom on a creator's page: SeriesName: Title by Creator (eg Papercut: Stripe Out My World)
  • To list a custom on a series' page: Title by Creator (eg Stripe Out My World by Zakane)

Template:Creator : Example of how the pages are laid out.

Unfinished category : This category is a way to keep track of pages that have been created by not finished. Either they need editing/formatting or are missing info/pictures.

Incomplete category: These are pages that have been finished but are incomplete. They are missing pictures or text that the administrators were unable to source for themselves.

This may include - but not limited to - build photos, logos, contact info. If you want to help, start with filling any "unknown"s.

Incomplete (page): This is a temporary page listing some of the things that need filling in in order to complete pages.


Creators listing

Category:Fan Art

Category: Platform Toys icons: gallery of icons of Platform Toys/Series.

Platform Toys listing: Old table listing of blanks etc for building the site with.