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CREATOR: Shadrees Den


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Paper Jams are like game jams but for papercraft!

Creators make a paper toy from scratch that fit the Paper Jam's theme and share it to the public. Crafters select a paper toy that fits the theme, build it and send in your photos. You can also customise a toy to suit the theme.

001 Fungus Fighters (Sep-Dec 2020)

A ficticious toyline of 9.5cm/3.75” figures as well as vehicles, accessories and playsets.

002 Chess Critters (Feb-Mar 2021)

Pick a chess piece, add some monstrous details and you get a Chess Critter. Black King Kong, White Snow Queen? You decide.

003 Tops and Tails (April-June 2021)

Paper toys that are divided in half along the Y-axis, creating a "Top" (top half) and a "Tail" (bottom half).

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