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Welcome to the Paper Toys Wiki

This site was create a catalogue of Paper Toy creators and their creations as well as information of Platform Toys and paper toys in general.

What are "Paper Toys"?

Unlike papercraft in general, Paper Toys are collectable paper models that are for playing with or displaying. Most paper toys are static but some include articulation. This also includes automata (paper machines), platform toys (templates made for customising) and series (templates reskinned by the author).


  • This wiki is still under construction. If you are a creator, feel free to add to your page.
  • This wiki is a reference guide. No templates are stored on this site.
  • Some pages have been locked due to the massive amount of work put into them. If you want to change or add to these pages, contact the Site Administrator.
  • If you would like to contribute to the wiki directly, please make sure you follow the guidelines as stated on the Editing Tools page. Otherwise, contact the Site Administrator.

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